Hands-On Harley-Davidson™

Immerse yourself in the world of Harley-Davidson™ and explore the science behind motorcycles!

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Dream It. Build It. Ride It.

Explore the history and mechanics behind one of America's most iconic motorcycle brands in Hands-On Harley-Davidson™, a touring exhibition at the Danville Science Center. Geared towards guests ages 3–12, this one-of-a-kind experience introduces children to the world of real-life motorcycle engineering through hands-on activities that teach the basic principles behind physics, engineering, and design.

Step inside a kid-sized true-to-life Harley-Davidson dealership and customize a Road-King®-inspired motorcycle, dress up like a biker, and take a simulated ride on a first-person video experience that features realistic sounds and special effects. You'll find the perfect photo opportunity at every turn. Discover different interactive stations throughout the exhibition highlighting the importance of bike maintenance, engine systems, and protective gear as you learn how to build your dream ride. Additionally, plenty of fun ramps, tracks, and loops mimic your favorite downhill road, skate park, or roller coaster that will engage families in the process of experimenting, making for an unforgettable, fun learning experience. This exhibition will surely be a hit with any budding motorcycle enthusiast or future scientist.

Hands-On Harley-Davidson™ was created by the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum in collaboration with Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Hands-On Harley-Davidson and Harley-Davidson® are trademarks of H-D and are used with permission. © 2013 H-D. All rights reserved.

Image of two interactive motorcycles in Harley-Davidson exhibition
Young kid on interactive Harley-Davidson motorcycle smiling while wearing a biker helmet and leather jacket
Image of a silver colored interactive motorcycle located inside the Hands-On Harley Davidson exhibit
Young girl working in the interactive Harley-Davidson shop
Child with helmet pointing at North America on a black and orange world map that is located in the Hands-On Harley Davidson exhibit
Kid on interactive motorcycles in Harley-Davidson exhibition
Child playing near blue and purple colored ramp that is located in the Hands-on Harley Davidson exhibit
Image of Motordome model that is located in the Hands-On Harley Davidson exhibit
Child watching physics experiment that is located inside the Hands-On Harley Davidson exhibit
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