Mayan Archeoastronomy: Observers of the Universe

Color and sound collide in a stunning artistic presentation on how the Mayans interpreted the universe.

Showing September 15 – October 15

Wednesdays 3 p.m. & Sundays 1 p.m.

Digital Dome Theater
Additional Ticket Required
All ages
26 minutes
Danville Science Center | Explore | Things to Do | Mayan Archeoastronomy: Observers of the Universe

Explore the intersection of science and mythology on a poetic journey describing the way Mayans viewed and understood the universe.

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Danville Science Center is airing the special feature presentation of Mayan Archeoastronomy: Observers of the Universe. Tour six Mayan temples exploring the importance of their orientation in relation to the movements of the Sun, Moon, and Venus. Mayan Archeoastronomy: Observers of the Universe is the first movie for fulldome completely animated and made in Mexico.

Mayan Archeoastronomy: Observers of the Universe airs September 15, and shows will play Wednesdays at 3 p.m. and Sundays at 1 p.m. in our Digital Dome Theater.

The Science Center's Digital Dome Theater illuminates our world with stunning clarity and brilliance on its gigantic 40-foot screen. Adventurers of all ages can hike across majestic parks, climb to the top of a skyscraper, embark on an oceanic safari, and travel the cosmos without leaving their seats. Experience the Digital Dome Theater with your group today. It’s yours to discover.

Virginia SOL's:

  • 1st grade: 6
  • 3rd grade: 8
  • 4th grade: 8 
  • 6th grade: 8

NC Common Core:

  • 1st grade: E.1
  • 3rd grade: E.1
  • 4th grade: E.1
  • 6th grade: E.1