Science on a Sphere®: Ocean Alive

Get an in-depth look at these massive bodies of water.

Bookable Group Program

Level 1
Additional Fee
30 minutes
Danville Science Center | Explore | Things to Do | Science on a Sphere®: Ocean Alive

The ocean is a driving force for global weather patterns. Get an in-depth look at the ocean’s physical characteristics and take part in a demonstration showing how wind and temperature affects sea currents. Discover important contributions made by Benjamin Franklin to our understanding of the oceans.

About Group Programs

Programs are explorations where participants watch and engage with a Science Center educator who showcases amazing scientific experiments to guests.

This program is designed for grades 5 – 6.

Virginia SOLs:

  • 5th grade: 6
  • 6th grade: 6

North Carolina Common Core:

  • 5th grade: L.2