Young Architects

Learn about famous architects and inspire your little builder to design for the future!

Science Station
Included with Admission

This touring exhibition highlights famous architects as inspiration and various block building media for a hands-on interactive learning experience, guests will become young architects as they design for the future.

Young Architects is divided into three main areas – live, work, and play – with each area highlighting one or more renowned architect accompanied by photographs of their iconic buildings. As guests observe these various structures, they will be challenged to contemplate such questions as: Why does it look the way it does? What is it used for? What materials were used in its construction?

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What Are People Saying?

This is a really great place with really fun and educational exhibits.

Emmie H.

A great place to see in Danville. Great exhibits and different happenings during the year make this a must-see place. The Butterfly Garden is fascinating. Highly recommend!!


What a great place for anyone. There are so many interesting things to see and do. If you are visiting Danville take time to go. The planetarium is awesome.

Judy J.