Water is everything. Become immersed in the importance of water from the personal to the global scale. Discover history trapped in ice, experience clouds first hand, uncover life found in a droplet, plunge to the depths of the ocean, learn about water usage from a towering wall of 2,000+ water bottles, enter a room of rain and don’t get wet, and more.

This exhibit also houses Science on a Sphere®, our digital globe that allows Science Center staff to use data sets to bring science to life. Expand your experience in Water with regularly scheduled, live presentations on Science on a Sphere®, such as the Wonderful World of Water and Extreme Weather. Click here for a daily schedule.

Discover the principles behind movement and energy by testing your strength with a giant lever to lift weights (or other guests); race against the clock to test reaction time; act like a hamster and turn mechanical energy into electric energy on the tread wheel; or race a migrating monarch, Usain Bolt or a black bear on our sprint track; and more. Collaborate, compete and get ready to GO!

J.T. – Minnie Maude Charitable Trust Creativity Lab
This is your space to create. Come and harness your creativity and problem solving skills in this maker space designed to help you generate ideas and tap into your inner inventor.

Science Center staff will offer guided activities throughout the week, designed to help you tap into your creative power. See below for descriptions and click here for start times each week. Please note that to maximize the experience for all creators, Creativity Lab sessions will close 10 minutes after their scheduled start time. 

Creativity Lab Activities by Week
Light Up Spring Cards
March 31 – April 4         
Creators will use conductive ink to draw simple circuits to add lights to custom created greeting cards for the season. Creators will keep their creations.

Building Bridges: Team Challenge
April 7 – 11       
Creators will use the engineering design process to work in teams to construct a bridge out of a specific supply of materials that can hold the most weight.
Kaiju Diaster Preparedness      
April 14 – 18
Creators will be challenged to use creative problem solving to fabricate structures to protect their model city from invading robotic Kaiju. Creations will be evaluated by how well they protect their city.  

Make Your Own Butterfly Feeder
April 21 – 25     
Creators will fabricate butterfly feeder way stations. Creators will take their projects home to support local Lepidoptera!

The Snap: Fixing Missing Circuits
April 28 ­ – May 5          
Creators will use problem defining and solving skills to find and replace the vanished components of a formally working preassembled circuit.   

*All workshops and challenges are geared for ages 8 - 13

Crescent Crossing
Crescent Crossing is a train-themed exhibit dedicated to preschool-age children. It introduces families to important science, technology, engineering and math fundamentals, such as creativity, problem solving and cause and effect. The exhibit uses trains and tracks, musical panels, peek-a-boo windows, a busy board, a slide and much more to connect children to right-sized, hands-on opportunities. The exhibit helps build confidence in young learners as they develop new skills and empowers caregivers to engage curious children.

Walk through a fully restored 1948 Norfolk & Western caboose.

Touring Exhibits

Young Architects
Now open!
This touring exhibition highlights famous architects as inspiration and various block building media for a hands-on interactive learning experience, guests will become young architects as they design for the future. Young Architects is divided into three main areas – live, work and play – with each area highlighting one or more renowned architect accompanied by photographs of their iconic buildings. As guests observe these various structures, they will be challenged to contemplate such questions as: Why does it look the way it does? What is it used for? What materials were used in its construction?


Butterfly Station & Garden
Open April 24 through October
Tour through our Butterfly Station & Garden to view some of nature’s most beautiful creatures! Find out which type of caterpillar certain plants attract, learn the best methods to attract butterflies and get inspired to create your own butterfly garden.

Discover your butterfly IQ! Test your ability to identify different butterfly species and learn about the types that live in the area with our Butterfly Guide.

Do you and/or a friend have talents to share in the Butterfly Station and Garden? Call 434.791.5160 for volunteer opportunities that will take you to new heights!