Crescent Crossing Seasonal Exhibits

Toys: The Inside Story
Now – September 3, 2019

Peek inside some popular toys! Explore linkages, cams, pulleys and circuits. Steady your hands and win at Operation®! Activate different electrical circuits. Discover what makes Jack jump. Crank gears and make toys spin! Find out which mechanisms make toys move, and how!

Turtle Travels
Now – September 3, 2019

Get a turtle’s eye view of life in the slow lane in this exhibit Turtle Migration, a giant board game. Track a hidden turtle using telemetry. See how shell shapes suit different lifestyles and habitats. Design a turtle-friendly housing development. Find out what a loggerhead sea turtle sees as it swims

Butterfly Station and Garden
Available April through October
Tour through our Butterfly Station and Garden to view some of nature’s most beautiful creatures! Find out which type of caterpillar certain plants attract, learn the best methods to attract butterflies and get inspired to create your own butterfly garden.
Discover your butterfly IQ! Test your ability to identify different butterfly species and learn about the types that live in the area with our guide sheet.

Before your flight from the Museum, check out a wide selection of butterfly-inspired items in the gift shop!

Do you and/or a friend have talents to share in the Butterfly Station and Garden? Call 434.791.5160 for volunteer opportunities that will take you to new heights!

Permanent Exhibits

Crescent Crossing
Crescent Crossing is a train-themed exhibit dedicated to preschool-age children. It introduces families to important science, technology, engineering and math fundamentals, such as creativity, problem solving and cause and effect. The exhibit uses trains and tracks, musical panels, peek-a-boo windows, a busy board, a slide and much more to connect children to right-sized, hands-on opportunities. The exhibit helps build confidence in young learners as they develop new skills and empowers caregivers to engage curious children.

Science on a Sphere®
Science on a Sphere® uses computers and projectors to display animated data on the outside of a 6-foot-suspended globe. The sphere shows dynamic images of Earth’s terrain, atmosphere and oceans as well as the Hubble Telescope’s latest imagery of other planets, moons and beyond! Science on a Sphere® was made possible through a generous donation from NASA. Additional funds were provided by Danville Regional Foundation. 

Fundamentals of Science
Unlock the secrets of biology, gravity, friction, force, light and magnetism! Discover how your genes make you unique, make sparks fly as you check out electricity and learn about orbits as you launch balls. Embark on a scavenger hunt with a team or challenge yourself to find the answers found in the Museum – it’s fun for learners of all ages!

Sproutsville & Oh! Zone
Step into a small-scale town that is perfect for children ages 3 to 7! Featuring a stage and puppet play area, a loft and a lighthouse, these budding scientists will love playing with building blocks and magnetic shapes before investigating light and color.