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3…2…1…Blast Off!
Explore potential and kinetic energy and test Newton’s Laws of Motion. Students have a blast using a Newton cart to propel their understanding of force and rocket propulsion.

Animal Adaptations
Get wind of seasonal weather patterns. How does weather affect plants and animals? Explore the diversity of organisms and how they adapt to their environments.

The Big Chill: Cool CO2 Science
Dry-ice experiments offer dramatic demonstrations of scientific phenomena. Examine Magic Bubbles, Bizarre Balloons and Dire Extinguishers. Experience states of matter and phase changes with atoms, molecules and compounds in this ultra-cool program.

Investigate these beauties of the insect world. From metamorphosis to food sources to symmetry, these animals are a wonderful starting point for understanding life cycles, camouflage and interdependency. Available mid-April through mid-October.

Floating Boats
Some things in our environment sink and others float. Investigate these concepts and discover what things will and will not float. Learn how to make a boat that will float heavy objects. How much weight will it take to sink your boat?

Fossil Finds
Learn Earth History through this fossil investigation. Dig into coastal plain sediments to discover diversity in ancient ocean environments.

Good Vibrations
What is sound? How does sound travel? How is sound measured? Make waves while learning all the news about noise.

Imagination Playground
Get creative in this space for you to shape! Channel your inner-engineer to build structures with giant foam blocks. Collaborate with others as you design, create and experiment!

Opposites Attract
Discover the effects of magnets on objects while exploring attraction, repulsion and magnetics poles. Learn how magnets are used in daily life and investigate the interactions of magnets and electricity while constructing a simple speaker.

Riverside Science
Learn about our local ecosystem and watershed directly from the Dan River. Walk down by the river for a first-hand lesson in ecology including simple water-monitoring techniques. All participants must wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. Additional time may be required.

Rock ‘n’ Roll
Learn about weathering, erosion and major rock types as you explore the rock cycle. Discover rock types associated with fossils. Examine sampled from the Womack Natural History Collection and make your own colorful model of a metamorphic rock.

Shocking Truth
Investigate circuits, volts and currents. Hands-on activities explore the basic principles of electricity.

Simple Machines
Can simple machines make work easier? Discover how levers, pulleys and inclined planes give us a helping hand through mechanical advantage.

Simply Soil
What is the difference between soil and dirt? Separate soil into its five different sized particles and learn each component’s role in supporting plant life.

Sow It – Grow It
Seeds, plants, vines, bushes and trees are a must for people on Earth. Students sow their own seeds of learning with hands-on explorations of common plants.

Super Senses
Have you ever followed your nose to find freshly baked cookies, investigated a strange sound or shaken a package to guess what was inside? Learn about your five senses as we trick our eyes and stump our sniffers with interactive games.

The Web of Life
Visualize the dynamics of the food web. Find out how energy travels from the sun to green plants to bugs to birds and beyond.