Your Space to Create

Come and harness your creativity and problem solving skills in the J.T. – Minnie Maude Charitable Trust Creativity Lab. This makerspace is designed to help you generate ideas and tap into your inner inventor.

Science Center staff will offer different guided activities each week. From using simple circuits and adding lights to custom greeting cards, to fabricating and testing a catapult, guests will put their problem solving skills to the test while harnessing the power of the maker movement.

Some activities will result in a creation to take home while others will simply challenge the creative process. Either way, guests will leave with a new appreciation for their ability to create and the idea that anything is possible.

Activities in the Creativity Lab

Guided activities will be offered daily, with themes changing each week. Because of the processes and tools used, all activities are geared for ages 8 - 13. Please note that to maximize the experience for all creators, Creativity Lab activities will close 10 minutes after their scheduled start time.  Click below for more details on each activity and check the schedule for the times Creativity Lab activities will be offered during your visit.

Illustration of a robot pulling a train
This is What We Trained For

September 20– September 24

Image of leaves on a grid for Fall Wall Decal Creativity Lab
Fall Wall Decals

September 27 – October 1

Illustration of a drone on a yellow background dodging solo cups for the Special Delivery Creativity Lab
Special Delivery

October 4 – October 15

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Weekly Schedule

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