Perfect Little Planet

Discover our solar system through a new set of eyes.

Digital Dome Theater
Additional Ticket Required
All ages
38 minutes

It’s Time for a Vacation.

Embark on a journey with an intergalactic family searching for the ultimate vacation spot. Discover our solar system through a new set of eyes as you walk the surface of Mars, sail through the rings of Saturn, and discover lightning storms on Jupiter. Dive over the ice cliffs of Miranda and fly over the surface of the dwarf planet Pluto.

The Science Center's Digital Dome Theater illuminates our world with stunning clarity and brilliance on its gigantic 40-foot screen. Adventurers of all ages can hike across majestic parks, climb to the top of a skyscraper, embark on an oceanic safari, and travel the cosmos without leaving their seats. Experience the Digital Dome Theater with your group today. It’s yours to discover.

Virginia SOLs:

  • 4th grade: 7
  • 6th grade: 8

North Carolina Common Core:

  • 6th grade: E.1